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Touristic attractions

Our villa is located in the beautiful and mysterious Transylvania, pretty famous for its unique landscape, people’s hospitality, a rich and tumultous history an of numerous touristic attractions for all tastes.

Starting with the famous Bran Castle – the main attraction in the area, also well known like the Dracula Castle, many other attractions you can find at a short distance:
– National Park Bucegi, named after the major mountain which dominates the Bran area
– the five idilique mountain villages part of Bran township: Bran, Poarta, Predelut, Sohodol and Simon
– Moeciu township
– Rasnov Fortress:  a beautiful fortress which also belonged to famous Prince Vlad
– the medieval city of Brasov: a must stop for tourists who want to explore and enjoy a very well preserved medieval city
– Bear Sanctuary in Zarnesti –

Below you can find some refferals from others who already explored Bran-Moeciu area and Transylania:

“What to and what to see in Transylvania” – THE TERRORS AND TREASURES OF TRANSYLVANIA – Journey Wonders by Raphael Alexander Zorner

“There is no better export product in Romania than Transylvania” – His Royal Highness The Prince Charles of Wales
Source: Bucharest Herald –

“Bran Castle, Bran, Brasov. Both the keepers of Bran Castle and the Romanian Tourist Board are keen to emphasize links between Bran Castle and Vlad the Impaler, the inspiration for Bram Stoker’s Count Dracula…”. More details in the CNN article: The world’s most beautiful castles
Source: CNN –

“Built in the 13th century as a defense against the Ottoman Empire, this castle was later inhabited by the Wallachia king, Vlad Tepes (Vlad the Impaler)…”. More details and refferals on Tripadvisor website page: Bran Castle (Dracula’s Castle)

“For many Americans, Transylvania conjures up images of an Eastern European backwater that produced one of the world’s most frightening characters, Count Dracula…”. More details in the USA Today article: Five Europe destinations that won’t kill you budget
Source: USA Today –

“These Transylvanian villages with their fortified churches provide a vivid picture of the cultural landscape of southern Transylvania…”. More detials in the World Heritage Site article: Villages with Fortified Churches in Transylvania
Source: World Heritage Sites –

If the short movie does not work properly please check this link:

If the short movie does not work properly please check this link:

If the short movie does not work properly please check this link:

Trailer video Romanian beauty – Carpathia / Transylvania / Romania – Home to bears, wolves and the elusive lynx, this is perhaps the last great wilderness in Europe, seen as never before. A unique insight into the scenic beauty and rich culture of the region, exploring its chequered history from the mystical ruins of the ancient Dacian civilisations to its medieval communities, the heritage of which survives intact to this day. In his quest to find remote villages, cross mountains and spot bears in the wild, With a range of colourful characters including shepherds, artists, eco-warriors, craftsmen, trackers, even a Count. Wild Carpathia captures the fragile majesty of a unique eco-system and show why it deserves to be preserved in all its glory for the benefit of future generations.

If the short movie does not work properly please check this link:

Transylvania, the undiscovered gem of Europe, is looking forward for you to come over and discover its historiques richness and mystery.

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